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Geography;0;7th - Michael Conlin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/10/2020 Rivers and Lakes Map Test

The map test on Rivers and Lakes will be on Tuesday.

2/21/2020 No Homework
2/11/2020 Government and Economic Systems Quiz

The quiz on all three parts: government structures, government systems, and economic systems will be on Tuesday.

2/4/2020 Government Systems Quiz

The test on government structures (last week's quiz) and government systems (the new material) is Tuesday.

1/28/2020 Government Structures Quiz

There will be a short quiz on government structures on Tuesday.

1/17/2020 P. 87-98

Read pages 87-98 and answer the questions on the handout.

1/14/2020 Map Test

The map test on mountains, deserts, and peninsulas will be on Tuesday.

12/10/2019 Ecosystems Presentations

Be prepared to present your projects in class on Tuesday.

11/15/2019 Ecosystem PowerPoints

Each group should finish their PowerPoints for Friday. This means the slides as well as the notes. Remember, that if you are going to include it in your presentation, it should be written somewhere. If it is not on there somewhere, I will assume you are not including it.

11/4/2019 Presentation Information

The information (but not the actual presentation materials) are due on Monday. Basically, just have the information you will present.

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