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Language Arts;0;8th - Jennifer Schloat

Due Date Assignment Description
3/2/2020 Study for your Test on Adverbs

Your Adverb Test is scheduled for Monday, March 2.

2/10/2020 Complete pages 71, 72 and 73 in English workbook
2/3/2020 Study Unit 9 Vocabulary

The Unit 9 Vocabulary Test is scheduled for Monday, February 3.

2/3/2020 Unit 9 Bonus Words

The Unit 9 bonus words are Caucus and Expunge.

1/30/2020 STUDY the VERB UNIT

The test on VERBS is scheduled on Thursday, January 30.

1/15/2020 Adjectives Homework 6-10

Look-up and write down the definitions to the following adjectives.  If the word is used as more than one part of speech, I only want the adjective definition.  Next, create an original sentence that uses the word as an adjective and demonstrates that you comprehend the definition. Share your work with Mrs. Schloat electronically OR hand-in the printed/written assignment on due date. 

6. Barren 

7. Biodegradable 

8. Bogus 

9. Bountiful 

10. Burdensome 

1/9/2020 Study Unit 8 Vocabulary
12/20/2019 Study Unit 7 in Vocabulary

- Your Unit 7 test is January 6, 2020.

12/16/2019 Study Units 1-6 for Cumulative Vocabulary Test
12/9/2019 Study Vocabulary Unit 6
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