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Religion;0;8th - Michael Conlin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/19/2020 Unity

One of the four marks of the church is "One," meaning "united." First, on a word document, list the 4 marks of the Church (p. 53). Next, read p. 54 and 55 about the four ways the Church is united.

Then find an image online that you think best exemplifies what you read. This does not have to be a purely religious image, and perhaps it is better if it is not. Under the image, briefly explain the connection.

3/11/2020 Catholicism I Video Quiz

The quiz on the Catholicism I video will be on Wednesday. Remember that the questions are taken directly from the video handout.

2/21/2020 Unit One Test

The test on Unit One will be on Friday.

2/6/2020 Prayer Quiz

The prayer quiz will be on Thursday.

1/29/2020 No Homework
1/10/2020 Models of the Church Quiz

The quiz on the "Models of the Church" section will be on Friday.

12/13/2019 Laudato Si

Complete the "Laudato Si" homework for Friday. Remember to share it with me via Microsoft Office.

12/9/2019 Moral Choice Presentaiton

Your presentation on someone who made an important moral choice will be pushed back to Monday. Remember to maximize your preparation time!

11/13/2019 Moral Choice PowerPoint

The PowerPoint and notes for your presentation is due on Wednesday. Remember that not only should the material on the actual slides be done (bullets, pictures, gifs, etc), but the notes - what you are going to say along with each slide - should be done as well.


10/18/2019 Roots of Faith Quiz

The quiz on the Roots of Faith section will be on Friday.

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