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Science-Health;6th - Margaret Rosa

Due Date Assignment Description
3/3/2020 Monday, 3/2/2020

Complete the worksheet called Casting Shadows on Eclipses. You can check  your text book if needed. 

2/20/2020 Wednesday, 2/19/2020

If not completed in class, finish KCB on Earth's Moon p.38 for homework

1/23/2020 Wednesday, 1/22/2020

Continue working on you Space Probe design. Draw a type of space probe (orbiter, lander or flyby), Tell us what you want it to do and where you would send it. Color it in as well. 

1/22/2020 Tuesday, 1/21/2020

Complete the worksheet on Early Space Exploration by placing the correct numbered statement into the box of the type of spacecraft that it applies to.

1/15/2020 Tuesday, 1/14/2020

Complete the Content Practice B worksheet from Lesson 1. Use complete sentences when answering the questions

1/8/2020 Tuesday, 1/7/2020

If needed, complete the p. 18 Key Concept Builder worksheet on Observing the Universe, and complete the Lab questions from Do you See What I See?

1/7/2020 Monday, 1/6/2020

We read about the Electromagnetic Spectrum today. They should complete the fill ins for the worksheet on the spectrum, p. 17. We will complete the other side of the worksheet in class. 

12/19/2019 Monday, 12/16

Due to the predicted weather conditions for Tuesday and potentially on Wed. morning, we have rescheduled the Science Test for Thursday. 

12/11/2019 Tuesday, 12/10/2019

Complete the Forecast for the Computer model map (#6). 

11/20/2019 Tuesday, 11/ 19/19

Complete the Content B Practice worksheet on Weather patterns for Lesson 2

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