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Science-Health;8th - Margaret Rosa

Due Date Assignment Description
3/11/2020 Tuesday, 3/10/2020

Finish 2 worksheets on Ionic and Metallic Bonds.

3/3/2020 Monday, 3/2/2020

Complete the wkst on binary compound names. Write the correct name based on the Chemical formula.

2/25/2020 Monday, 1/6/2020

Grade 8 has begun working on their Power Point project on the elements. A list of criteria was shared with them on Office 365 last week. They have to meet all the requirements on this list to complete their project which needs to be ready for presentation by Feb. 25. We will meet in the computer room each Monday for class.

2/20/2020 Wednesday, 2/19/2020

Complete the 2 worksheets on Valence Electrons and how bonds are  made for 8b. 8a will get these on Thursday

1/23/2020 Wednesday, 1/22/2020

Complete the Enrichment wksht on Radon. Write complete sentences.

1/22/2020 Tuesday, 1/21/2020

Complete the worksheet comparing metals and nonmetals properties by placing a check mark under the proper heading

1/15/2020 Tuesday, 1/14/2020

Complete the 2-sided worksheet on the periodic table pp16 & 19. Use complete sentences where necessary. 

1/9/2020 Wednesday, 1/8/2020

Complete the 2-sided worksheet on the Periodic Table. Color code the metals, non-metals and metalloids on one side, then answer the questions. On the second side, Read the article about Mendeleev and how he organized the Periodic table and answer the 2 questions. Use good sentences and details to support your answers.

1/8/2020 Tuesday, 1/7/2020

Complete the worksheet on the Periodic table, p. 13

12/3/2019 Monday, 12/2/2019

Finish working on the Content B worksheet from class if needed. Then complete the worksheet on the Atomic theory Magic Square. Use your book to help if you need it. Test on Chap. 9 will be Tuesday, 12/10.

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