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Social Studies;0;6th - Michael Conlin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/17/2020 P. 379-383

Read p. 379-383 and answer the questions on the handout.

3/10/2020 Greece Map Test

The Greece map test will be on Tuesday.

3/4/2020 Greece Daily Life

Answer the Greece Daily Life questions at the end of the handout we used in class. Remember to do it on a separate sheet and answer each using at least two sentences. Also, put your name on it!

2/28/2020 Greece Geography

Answer the questions at the end of the Greece Two-Sided Notes sheet on a separate piece of paper. Remember that each answer should be at least two sentences long!

2/21/2020 Japan/India Test

The test on Japan and India will be on Friday.

2/19/2020 Asia Test Study Guide

Complete the terms for the middle part of the Asia study guide (the part for Japan and India). This is due on Wednesday of next week.

2/6/2020 No Homework
2/5/2020 P. 221-224

Read p. 221-224 in your social studies textbook and answer the questions on the handout. Make sure you answer all the parts of each question.

1/27/2020 China Test

The test on the China unit will be on Monday.

1/22/2020 China Study Guide

On the Asia study guide, complete JUST THE TOP PORTION of it - the part that says "China." The same rules apply. You can do it on a word document, make flash cards, do it on quizlet, or write them on lined paper. Either way, make sure you share it with me, bring it in to show me on the due date, or have your parents write a note.

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