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U.S. History;0;7th - Michael Conlin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/26/2020 La Marseillaise

Okay, time for some music!

We read about the French Revolution, the conflict with Britain, and how it affected U.S. politics. Now, let's take a closer look at the French Revolution. We'll do that by listening to (and reading the lyrics of) a song that came from that time period: "La Marseillaise," the song that is now the National Anthem of France. I uploaded the lyrics to a One Note document. Listen carefully and read the lyrics. When finished, answer the questions below, each in the number of sentences indicated in parentheses:

  1. What sort of emotions/feelings is this song is meant to bring out of the listener? Explain (three sentences)

  2. What lines from the song make you think that this was written to rally people in a time of war/invasion? (list three full lines)

  3. Judging from the song, what values do yo think the French were fighting for? Pick at least two lines to explain (three sentences)

The song:

We will have a zoom meeting today, so if you want to talk about the HW and go over the song together, join me at 8:45 (I know; its early, but it is the best time I could get...)

Meeting ID: 960 776 7858

Password: OU812

3/18/2020 Hamilton v. Jefferson

As soon as the new government got running under the Constitution, people started arguing about what to do. The two main figures in this battle in the 1790s were Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

Read the "Hamilton v. Jefferson" document I uploaded to One Note. Then, copy/paste it onto your own document (I hope you can do this from One Note!) and complete the chart with p. 238-242 of your textbook. If you cannot make your own chart the best you can and do it yourself; it is not that hard.

3/13/2020 Constitution Test

The test on the Constitution is on Friday. Remember that you really need to know this material. There will be no multiple choice or matching questions!

3/4/2020 P. 163-167

Read p. 163-167 and answer the questions on the handout for Wednesday.

2/26/2020 American Revolution Essay

The essay on the American Revolution is due on Wednesday. Remember that you should include 3 of the 4 paragraphs we wrote as your body paragraphs. Also, do not forget your opening and closing paragraphs and make sure you integrate your paragraphs into your essay; do not just plop them in as is.

2/12/2020 Revolution Paragraphs

Please make sure you have all the American Revolution paragraphs (Hewes, Abigail Adams, African Americans, and Molly Brant) finished for Wednesday. You will need them for what we do next.

2/6/2020 No Homework
2/5/2020 African Americans Paragraph

Write a paragraph answering this question: What did freedom mean to African Americans during the American Revolution? Do it on Microsoft Office and share it with me.

1/29/2020 Hewes Paragraph

If you have not already done so, complete and share the George Robert Twelves Hewes paragraph with me by Wednesday.

1/10/2020 Colonial Conflict Test

The Colonial Conflict test is on Friday.

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