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U.S. History;0;8th - Michael Conlin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/26/2020 The Great War

Here is what you do today:

  1. Grab a drink and/or a snack.

  2. Find a comfortable place to sit with your device.

  3. Watch the video uploaded to teams (look under "posts")

  4. Take notes on what you see in whatever manner you feel is appropriate (believe it or not, it took longer to upload the video than it did to record it).

  5. Answer the following question on a separate Word document to upload here on teams:

Excluding the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which was the spark, what underlying cause of the war do you think was the most important?

You can, and should discuss other causes than the one you choose, explaining why they are less important. Your answer should be at least 8 sentences.

This is the first, but also the last, time I do this. I recorded this last week, but due to the more stringent restrictions put in place since, I am not allowed back into the school.

We can have a Zaucus today. It does not have to be long. I just have a few announcements. If you have already watched the video by that point, we can talk about that as well.

Meeting ID: 940 776 7858

Passowrd: OU812

3/18/2020 Imperialism Test

The imperialism test will be on Wednesday.

3/18/2020 Imperialism Test

The test on the imperialism unit will be on Wednesday.

3/17/2020 Philippine-American War


Read the "Philippine-American War" document that I uploaded to One Note. There are two questions on it. Answer each in a 6-sentence paragraph, quoting from the excerpts in your answers, on a word document and share it. Please make sure you re-title your document to the title of this assignment, and type your name at the top!

The questions:

Write your reactions to the above quotations. (for first part)

What are some of the reasons some soldiers gave for not trying to keep the Philippines

2/26/2020 No Homework
2/25/2020 Depression Test

The test on the Great Depression will be on Tuesday.

1/28/2020 Progressive Test

The test on the Progressive unit will be on Tuesday.

1/8/2020 Gilded Age Test

The test on the Gilded Age is on Wednesday. You can use all your materials for it. It will involve writing a 5-paragraph essay. You will receive the question the day of the test.

12/5/2019 Industrial Revolution Test

The test on the Industrial Revolution will be on Thursday.

12/2/2019 P. 30-31 ex. 1-3

Complete exercises 1-3 on pages 30 and 31.

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