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Literature;0;8th - Jennifer Schloat

Due Date Assignment Description
3/2/2020 No Homework
2/3/2020 No Homework
1/15/2020 No Homework
1/9/2020 No Homework

- except for Matthew

- Begin story: Write one to five sentences.

Noun: key

Adjectives: blue, fluffy

Verb: plunge

Adverb: politely

1/7/2020 Christmas Song analysis

Catholic Social Teachings


Grade 8 – Christmas Song Lyric Analysis 

Assignment Due – Tuesday, January 7, 2020 

The goal of this assignment is to deepen your appreciation of a very popular form of Literature in our culture.  

  • Select a Verse from one of your favorite Christmas songsThe song does not need to be a hymn. In other words, the song can be religious or secular. 

  • Write-out all of the words to that verse. 

  • Connect passages in that verse to at least one Catholic Social Teaching. 

  • For the Catholic Social Teaching that you focus on, write at least three explanatory sentences connecting the lyrics to the CST. 

  • Explain what you like about the song. 

  • Explain how this song conveys the Christmas feeling. 

  • Send Assignment to Mrs. Schloat electronically OR place it in Mrs. Schloat’s homework bin on Tuesday, January 7. 

  • Be ready to present your hymn to the class.  

12/20/2019 TAKE HOME TEST on The Greatest Gift

- Answer the 5 questions about The Greatest Gift.

- This IS a take-home exam.

- You may refer to the story while taking the test.

- Share the test with Mrs. Schloat when you are done.

- Here's a link to the short story...…….The Greatest Gift

12/19/2019 Conintue reading The Greatest Gift

- Go to Google and search The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern.

- Read to the end of Page 7.

Here's the link.

- The Greatest Gift

12/16/2019 No Homework
12/12/2019 Finish reading Uncle Tom's Cabin

- As always, you should be taking notes on Uncle Tom's Cabin as you read it.

- You should refer to Shmoop before and after each Chapter.

12/12/2019 STUDY for Final Test on UTC

- Using the study guide provided to you in class, prepare for Thursday's Final Test on Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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