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Religion;0;7th - Jennifer Schloat

Due Date Assignment Description
12/2/2019 No Homework

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/7/2019 Continue work on your Saint Powerpoint
5/21/2019 Be merciful to others
5/20/2019 NO HOMEWORK
4/24/2019 PowerPoint Presentation on Reducing Trash

  • You have been assigned: _________________  (each student has a different item - see below) 

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Your PowerPoint must contain at least four slides. But you may include more than four slides.

  • Your PowerPoint must include at least one image of the item you were assigned (see # 1 above).

  • Your PowerPoint must explain how using this item leads to the production of more garbage and/or overflowing recycling containers and why this is a problem.

  • Your PowerPoint must include at least one image showing us how the human race functioned without your item before it was invented.

  • Your PowerPoint must include your proposal of what we can use to replace the item. Your replacement can be an item from the past or an item that some people are using already in 2019 or an item that has not yet been invented.  You can show us images or simply describe the replacement.

  • Your PowerPoint must explain how reducing the use of this item or eliminating the use of this item would be following the mission proposed by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’.

  • EXTRA CREDIT will be given to students who bring in an actual example of the item.

  • MORE EXTRA CREDIT will be given to students who bring in an actual example of what humans used before the item.

  • EVEN MORE EXTRA CREDIT will be given to students who bring in an actual example of the replacement item.

You will be given class time to work on this project. You will present your PowerPoint in class on Wednesday, April 24. 

  • Plastic straws (Daniel)

  • Plastic bags for fruits and veggies in the grocery store (Rylan)

  • Plastic shopping bags (Mackenzie)

  • "Ziploc" plastic sandwich bags (Juliana)

  • Plastic cutlery (spoons, forks and knives) (Kathy)

  • Plastic cups and plates (for parties) (Ben)

  • Single-use plastic water bottles (Olivia)

  • Wrapping paper for gifts (Simon)

  • Facial tissue (Kleenex) (Joseph)

  • Disposable pens (Grace)

  • Disposable razors (Mya)

  • Paper towels (Jalen)

  • Individually wrapped snacks (Maria)

  • Juice boxes (Nicole)

  • Single-serving pudding and yogurt cups (Elena)

  • Disposable table cloths (plastic and paper) (Samantha)

  • Plastic milk containers (Matthew)

  • Paper napkins (Ashley)

  • Copy paper (Himani)

  • Plastic and paper packaging for fast food (Moe’s, Burger King, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts) (Aiden)

  • Plastic hand soap dispensers (Eva)


4/2/2019 NO HOMEWORK
3/29/2019 Complete Take-Home Test in Religion

Your take-home test on Chapter 20 is due on Friday.

3/19/2019 NO HOMEWORK
3/7/2019 Give Permission Form to your Parents to Sign

Please complete your "Healing Racism" entry form and ask your your parents  to sign it!

3/6/2019 Complete Your Healing Racism Art Project

Make certain that you have emailed the answers to the 5 essay questions (found on page 9 of the packet below) to Mrs. Schloat. The art projects are due on Wednesday, March 6.

Here is a link to the information to the projects..........



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