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Jeanette South - About Me

Hello All,

I have lived in Connecticut all my life and grown up in the Catholic School system by attending St. Thomas, St. Timothy and then Northwest all in West Hartford. I received my degree in history and social sciences and my certification from Eastern Connecticut State University. I earned my masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Saint Joseph. I recently got married June 2019.

Some of my favorite activities are: reading, watching movies, listening to music and traveling. Some of the countries I have visited are Mexico, Italy, Greece, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, England, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria. Most recently I went to New Zealand on my honeymoon.

My favorite things are:

  • Color: purple
  • Food: pizza
  • Sports Teams: Patriots, Red Sox, Alabama Tide and LA Lakers
  • Books:  I will read almost anything (love
  • 90's Band: Spice Girls
  • Movies: Aladdin, Avengers, Star Trek (show and movies)
  • Animal: Minion - from Despicable Me
  • Shopping 

I will enjoy getting to know you and your students this year!