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Welcome to the 5th Grade 
This is where I will write what happened during the day. It will usually be updated by the end of the school day, but there are times I will not be able to get to it so then check the students assignment pad for upcoming test/quizzes. 

Wednesday, May 22

Students began the day with Spanish. Then we reviewed for their math test. In social studies we finished our discussion of the founding of the Southern colonies. In religion we continues our discussion of new life. After lunch we reviewed for the science test. charted adjectives and then read ion PIF.

Tuesday May 21

Students began the day with writing 5th grade equations. In socials studies we reviewed their outlines. After chorus we discussed new life. After recess students practiced the choral part of the concert. In LA students review their knowledge of adjectives and began reviewing in science. 

Monday, May 20

For math we practiced adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Then the class had music. After music students outlined the founding of the Southern colonies. Then in religion we began to discuss protecting new life. After lunch students took a spelling test and then made a list of adjectives that tell how much/many. Then is science students began to review for the test. Lastly we read chapter 11.  

Wednesday, May 15

Students began the day with Spanish. In math we renamed fractions before subtracting. Then is science we went over asthma. After lunch we read in family life and reviewed for their reading test. We also wrote notes on demonstrative adjectives and students took a pretest on the southern colonies. Lastly the class went to gym.  

Tuesday, May 14

 Students began the day with adding mixed numbers. Then we read about the muscles and lungs. We attended May Crowning and then students had chorus. After lunch we worked with articles, review in reading and took a social studies test.

Monday, May 13

I hope all the moms had a great mother's day. Today we began with estimating sums and differences of mixed numbers. The students went to music. In science we discussed muscles and in religion we discussed communication. After lunch students took a spelling test, notes on articles, reviewed for their social studies test and went over the vocabulary for their quiz on Thursday.  

Monday, May 6,

Students began the day with IOWA testing math. Then students had snack before music. Then students review unit 1 in family life. After lunch we took the spelling test. In social studies we discussed the economy of the Middle Colonies. Lastly students worked on Pay It Forward.  

Wednesday May 1,

 We began with Spanish. Then students took the IOWA science and spelling tests. After snack we reviewed for their reading PIF quiz and religion on moods. After lunch we reviewed in science and subtracted fractions with unlike denominators. Lastly the class went to gym. 

Tuesday, April 30

 Students took both reading IOWA tests. Then the class has sack and then attended chorus. After lunch we added fractions, reviewed in science and reading for the quizzes on Thursday.

Monday April 29,

Students began the day working on the COGAT test and putting their names on the answer sheet. Then students ate snack and went to music. Then we discussed family in religion. After lunch we began reviewing the nervous system and senses. In social studies students began to review life in the Middle Colonies. Lastly we read chapter 4.  

Wednesday, April 24

Spanish was first period today. In math we found least common multiples.  In social studies and reading students finished the work from yesterday. In language arts students reviewed pronouns. In religion we began family life. After lunch students gave their presentations and then went to gym. 

Tuesday, April 23

Students began the day finding fractional parts. In social studies students worked on outlining the lesson. After chorus students had SSR or worked on missing homework. After lunch students gave their presentations and then we read the Prologue and most of chapter 1.  

Monday, April 22

Students attended an Earth day assembly.  Then we finished reading about life in the Middle Colonies. Then we went to the Penguin Movie. When we returned students ate lunch. In the room we took a spelling test, students did a cover to the writing and lastly students created a Easter poster. 

Wednesday, April 17

Students began this Wednesday with Spanish. In math we estimated fractions. In social studies we reviewed the founding of the Middle Colonies. We read about Easter in religion. After lunch we reviewed verbs and discussed skin in science. Lastly the class went outside for gym.  Permission slips for the movie are due tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 16

Students began with simplifying fractions. In social studies the class worked in pair on reviewing the lesson. There was no chorus. In religion we review the first six Commandments. Then we discussed the Cathedral in Pairs. After lunch we began to review for the verb tenses test. In science we discussed the ear and mouth. Lastly students were able to begin their reading homework and learn vocabulary. 

Monday, April 15

I hope everyone had a restful vacation. Today we began with equivalent fractions. After music we finished discussing the founding of the Middle Colonies. In religion we read about Holy Week. After lunch we discussed the eyes and nose. In LA we found linking verbs. In reading students reviewed the book Pay it Forward.  

Friday, April 5

Today students corrected a lot of work. In between they attended mass and worked on their computer on language arts, Lent and science websites. I hope everyone has a great spring break! 

Wednesday, April 3

Students began the day with Spanish. Then we reviewing for their reading test. In social studies we finished reading about the founding of the middle colonies. In religion we reviewed for the test. In language arts students identified future perfect tense. In science we went over their next project. Students took math test before gym.

Tuesday, April 2,

Students began the day with math and reviewing the order of operations. In social studies we read about the Middle colonies. After chorus students worked on the computers on a Lent activity. After lunch we identified  past perfect nouns. In science we continues to discuss nervous system. Lastly students began to review the story. 

Monday, April 1

Happy April Fools! Students began the day with reviewing their order of operations. Then students went to music. After music we took the spelling test and then did notes in religion. After lunch we worked on reviewing for the reading test. In science we began to read about the nervous system and in social studies we began reading about the Middle Colonies.