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Welcome to the 5th Grade 
This is where I will write what happened during the day. It will usually be updated by the end of the school day, but there are times I will not be able to get to it so then check the students assignment pad for upcoming test/quizzes. 

Wednesday February 20

Students began the day with Spanish. For social studies we began reading about the New England Colonies. In science students outlined the lesson. In reading we finished reading about Special Effects. Religion we read about the Liturgy of the Word. After lunch students went over the reading vocabulary. Students helped program some lab-tops and then went to gym. 

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Students began with coding and then did language arts. Students titled a paper and then worked with verbs. In math we practiced for the math test tomorrow. In religion we began discussion of a different part of mass. After lunch we read about lenses and then St. Valentine. Students handed out their Valentine's and then went to the hat parade. 

Monday, February 11,

Students began the week by reviewing how to divide by a 2 digit divisor. Then students went to music (They have music homework.) After the spelling test we reviewed for the religion test and then read about light. After lunch students completed a Feud survey. In reading we read about special effects. Lastly we studied for their social studies test.

Wednesday, February 6

Students began the day with Spanish. Then in social studies we continued to work with the Pilgrims. For LA students identified verb phrases. In science students took their pretest on properties of light. After snack we discussed graphic sources and then students worked on iReady. In religion we finished the reading of Chapter 7. Lastly students had gym, with a fire drill.  

Tuesday, February 5

On this half day students began with social studies and discussing the Pilgrims. In LA students worked on identifying verb phrases. In religion we continued to look at the opening rites  mass. After chorus was snack and then for math students worked in the computer lab on iReady. In science students took their test and lastly they began their reading homework on the vocabulary for the new story. 

Monday, February 4

Students began today with dividing by a 2 digit divisor. After music we had religion. Then students took their spelling test. In the afternoon students reviewed for their science test. Then in reading they took a reading test. For social studies we continued to discuss the Pilgrims.

Tuesday, January 29

Students worked on action verbs. Then students worked on iReady for math. Before chorus we watch School House Rock. For religion the girls went to the computer lab and the boy went to group. After lunch we worked on Jamestown did review questions on the story. Finally we went to the science fair.

Wednesday, January 23

Students began the day with Spanish. Students then wrote 5th grade equations. Then in LA we reviewed for their test. In science we read about light and in religion we reviewed unit 1.  After lunch we reviewed Jamestown and found main idea and detail. Lastly students had gym.

Wednesday, January 16

Students began the day with Spanish. In math  students practiced their division. In reading students took their test on MLK. In religion we reviewed for their test tomorrow. After lunch we went over direct address. For social studies students began reading about the Jamestown colony. Students took their science assessment before gym.  

Tuesday, January 15

Students began the day visiting middle school, a math and science class. Then in language arts students found nouns in direct address. After chorus students worked on religion or had group.  After lunch we reviewed for science and reading tests. Students also reviewed the vocabulary from the Spanish colony.

Monday, January 14

In social studies we discussed the Spanish Colony. Then we took a spelling test and reading/ wrote the 7  Habits book. After music students worked on iReady. In religion we review the Eucharist and Paschal Mystery. After lunch we discussed I Have a Dream and their assessment. Students worked with robots and then reviewed sound.

Wednesday, January 9

Students began with Spanish. In math we estimated  quotients. In LA students identified indirect objects. In religion students read about the Eucharist. After lunch we continued reading "I Have a Dream." In social studies we finished reading about the Spanish colony.

Friday, January 4

Students worked on their iReady before and after mass. In reading we watched MLK "I Have a Dream" speech. In language arts students identified prepositional phrases. After lunch students went to art and then we had presentations.  

Thursday, January 3

The class started the day with coding. Then they worked on iReady. Students gave presentation after they had snack. Before lunch we read about the life of MLK. In the afternoon students wrote about their gifts and how they would use them to help Christ.  

Wednesday, January 2

 Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a terrific break. Thank you again for my class gift! Today, the class began with Spanish. Then students took the pretest on colonies in the Americas. In LA students identified prepositions and their objects. In science student took the pretest on sound and then began reading about it. After lunch students worked on iReady for math and began their reading homework by defining the words for I have a Dream. 

Monday, December 10

Students began the day with the Advent prayer service. Then in math we multiplied whole numbers and decimals. After music students took a spelling test and then discussed costs and benefits of an expedition.In religion we corrected the study guide for chapter 4. After lunch we worked on the saint trading card. In science students began to review with a poster. Lastly students worked on vocabulary for their next reading work. 

There is no hot lunch tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 4

Students began the day with math and estimate with decimals. In social studies students read about Columbus' journey. After chorus student went into their groups or worked on their saint project. After lunch, students worked with the story and then found direct objects. Lastly we discussed elements.