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Welcome to the 5th Grade 
This is where I will write what happened during the day. It will usually be updated by the end of the school day, but there are times I will not be able to get to it so then check the students assignment pad for upcoming test/quiz.

February 12,

 Students began the day reviewing for their math test. After Spanish students reviewed for their reading test. Then students went to snack. After snack the class worked with being verbs and verb phrases. In science students reviewed the properties of light. For social studies we discussed the founding of Rhode Island. In religion students completed a paper on unit 5. Lastly the class attended gym. 

February 11,

Students began the day with reviewing in science. After chorus students reviewed for their math test. After snack students worked in the computer lab on their 10 Commandments game. In social studies began discussing the New England Colonies. In reading we reviewed the vocabulary for their test. Lastly students began a writing assignment that they are finishing for homework.  

February 10

 Today students began by review dividing decimals. After music they took a spelling test. After snack students got to go to extra art. In reading and science we began to review for their tests. Students took the pretest for chapter 5 in social studies. Lastly we did the unit review in religion. 

February 7,

Students began the day with language arts. Then in social studies the class took their test. In reading students got to read their own book. Students worked in the computer lab on their 10 Commandments. They went to the library did handwriting and completed a math quick check. After lunch the class went to art, read the Gospel and watch a video on rainbows. 

February 6,

Students began the day with coding. Then in math students worked on multiple step problems. In reading students complete a worksheet on the story. During religion students took their test. After lunch we found verb phrases. Reviewed for their social studies test and read about lenses.  

February 5,

 Students began the day with practicing dividing with decimals. After the class attended Spanish we reviewed for their social studies and religion test. In LA we discussed verb phrases. After lunch we finished reading Thunder Rose and continued to read about light.

February 4,

In math the class divided a decimal by a decimal. Then in LA we reviewed action and being verbs. After chorus the class worked on a coding game to learn the 10 Commandments. After lunch students worked with the portion of Thunder Rose that we read. In social studies we began reviewing for the test. Lastly we began discussing the properties of light. 

February 3,

Happy February. Today we began with dividing with decimals in the divisor (you can't do this so you move the decimal.) Then the class went to music and after took their spelling test. In LA we began talking about verbs. In religion we started reviewing for their test on Thursday. After lunch, we read the first pages on Thunder Rose, discussed the Plymouth colony and the class took a pretest in science.  

January 31,

For the last day in January, we began with religion and this weekends Gospel. Then the class took the science test. We discussed their next long term project. It is a speech. The class went to library, worked on handwriting and did iReady for math. After lunch students had art and then the pep rally. 

January 30,

Students began the day with coding. Then in math they reviewed their knowledge of the first lessons in math. Then  in reading we discussed hyperbole. For social studies we began to review the Plymouth colony. After lunch the classes reviewed for their science quiz, reviewed in religion and lastly finished making cards from yesterday.

January 28,

 The day started with estimating quotients. Then the class took their test on pronouns. After chorus students began a project in religion using the 10 Commandments and scratch. After lunch students read about Plymouth. Then students got to look at  the science fair. Finally students began to look up the new vocabulary words for the next story. 

January 27,

Students began the day dividing decimals by 10, 100, or 1000. The class went to music and then worked on a community service project for religion. Then we took the spelling test. In science the class began reviewing for their test on Friday. After lunch the class took their MLK test. In language arts we reviewed for the test tomorrow and lastly read about the Pilgrims.  

January 24,

The class began the day reviewing for their MLK test on Monday. In social studies we began discussing the Pilgrims. In religion students read about the Gospel. They worked on a handwriting paper while visiting the library. Students did iReady before lunch. Students went to art and then worked with their book buddy on science and the Chinese New Year. 

January 22,

Students began the day reviewing for their math test. Then the class went to Spanish. In social studies, we reviewed their work from yesterday. In religion we read about the Eucharist. After lunch the class wrote about  the "I have a Dream" speech and did a workbook page. In science we read about the electromagnetic spectrum. Lastly the class went to gym.

January 21,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Today we began with social studies and the class worked with the Jamestown colony. The class went to chorus. In math we reviewed for the test on Thursday. The class took their spelling test and began reading about the Eucharist before lunch. After lunch students worked with pronouns, MLK's speech and read about light. 

January 15,

Students began the day with dividing with a two digit divisor. Then the class had Spanish. During Spanish there was a fire drill. After the class took their science test. In religion we reviewed for the test tomorrow. In language arts we began working with object pronouns. After lunch we finished discussing MLK's life and the Spanish colonies. Lastly the class went to gym. 

January 14

Happy half day. We started with reviewing in science for their sound and in religion for their chapter 4 test. After chorus was snack. Then we discussed MLK life, discussed Spanish colonies, identified subject pronouns and finally worked on iReady. 

January 13

Students began the day dividing by a 2 digit divisor. The class then participated in music. The class took their spelling test. For language arts, the class identified subject pronouns. Lastly we finished reading chapter 4 in religion. In the afternoon, we began reviewing for the science test, students worked in pairs to outline the Spanish colonies and lastly the class worked on the new vocabulary for their next reading assignment.  

January 10,

Today we began with reading about sound and the class took notes on the Spanish colonies. During the reading test Fr. Melnick came to bless our room. For math students completed a quick check and then did a handwriting paper when not at the library. After lunch the class attended art, corrected their LA homework and discussed Sunday's Gospel.  

January 9

Students began the day with beginning a saint trading card in Publisher. Then students worked on coding. Students presented their explorer. In religion we read about Confirmation. In reading, we reviewed for the test tomorrow. After lunch we worked with personal pronouns. In social studies students worked on a workbook page and in science the class reviewed sound. Lastly students worked on Iready.  

January 8

Students divided by multiples of 10. Then the class went to Spanish. Students gave their presentations before lunch. In the afternoon we read more about sound, and read about movie special effects. Lastly the class went to gym.  

January 7,

Students began the day estimating quotients. Then in science we read about sound. Chorus was cancelled for today so students finished religion. There was group today for the girls. After lunch students identified pronouns. We wrote notes on Spanish colony and lastly students identified compound words.  

January 6,

Students began the day with math. They divided multiples of 10. After music students used graphic sources to answer question. In science we began reading about sound. After lunch we took notes on singular and plural pronouns, read about Spanish colonies and learned about 3 Kings Day.  

January 3,

 Students  began today with discussing the Spanish colony. Then students went to mass. They helped the younger students during the mass. After mass students did SSR during snack. Students went to library and worked on handwriting. Then students worked on iReady for math. After lunch students went to art. Then they worked on identifying main idea and details. Lastly students watched a Bill Nye on sound.

January 2,

Happy New Year! 2020 began with coding where students worked on their saint project. In social studies we began discussing colonies. In science we began with sound. For math students worked on iReady. After lunch we wrote a beginning to a person narrative, discussed the Gospel and then students defined vocabulary.