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Mrs Kathleen Baliga Web Pages

Welcome to Kindergarten!   

Week of: November 18th-November 22nd

Hello Families of Kindergarten. You can use this webpage to see our weekly activities in our classroom. Please check your child's communication folder (Green Folder) for any important information and return the folder to school daily.

Thursday, November 21st is Class Picture Day and Individual picture make-ups. All students should be IN UNIFORM for the class picture. If your child will be taking a make-up photo, they are allowed to dress down but must bring a change of uniform for class pictures.

There will be NO SCHOOL next Wednesday- Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Religion- This week we will be learning about how God created our 5 senses and how we can use them to help us learn about our world. On Tuesday we will meet with our 8th Grade Guardian Angels to work on a special Thanksgiving craft. 

Literacy- This week we will practice identifying the initial and final /k/ sound in words. We will practice blending sounds we know to read words. We will continue to practice the High Frequency Words; "we", "my" and "like". We will be reading decodable readers with these words practicing using our pointing fingers as we touch each word we read. We will also practice identifying if a story is real or fantasy as we read. In handwriting, we will learn to write the letters X and Y. 

Math- We will finish Topic 4: Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0-10. We will practice using items to count and identify one and two fewer, ordering numbers, and using a timeline to identify missing numbers in a sequence. We will have a review on the MIMIO on Thursday and students will take the Topic 4 Assessment on Friday. 

Science- This week we will continue our discussion on animals. We will discuss needs of animals and begin working on a project about bears. We will be coordinating with our technology teacher as we learn about bears to create a Power Point presentation. Stay tuned for more information!   

Social Studies- We will discuss rules at home, school, and in the community, and why they are important for us to follow. 

Please view your child's Green Folder for other information about our classroom.  

                                                                               Weekly Specials:

Monday: Music and Coding

Tuesday: Chorus and Art

Wednesday: Technology and Gym (please wear gym uniform)

Thursday: Library  and Spanish

Friday: Book Buddies