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Welcome to Kindergarten!   

Week of: February 10th- February 14th 

Hello Families of Kindergarten. You can use this webpage to see our weekly activities in our classroom. Please check your child's communication folder (Green Folder) for any important information and return the folder to school daily.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, February 10th-12th will be early release days. There will be no hot lunch served. If your child will be attending ASP, please provide a lunch for them.

Tuesday, February 11th is the 100th Day of School! If you wish, your child may dress up like they're 100 years old!  

On Friday we will exchange Valentine's Day cards if you choose. We have 10 students in our class and a list was sent home with names. Please let me know if you need another copy. 

There will be NO SCHOOL next Monday, February 17th and Tuesday, February 18th.

Religion- This week we will be learning about sign's of God's love. We will discuss that Jesus is God's Son and he was sent to Earth to teach us about God's love and how we should treat one another. We will also be learning about St. Valentine as we discuss Valentine's Day.    

Literacy and Language Development- This week we will review the High Frequency words: they, you, and of. We will discuss and review the sounds /n/, /b/, /r/, /d/, /k/, /f/,and /o/ and practice blending. We will learn about how our feelings can change. 

In handwriting we will begin to write lowercase letters y, j, and p. We will practice writing all the lowercase letters we've learned so far. We have also begun writing our first and last names using upper and lowercase letters, please practice at home! 

Math- We will continue Topic 9: Composing and Decomposing Number to 10. We will be specifically be practicing making 6 and 7 and practice creating graphs with Candy Hearts.

Science- We will complete a Science Experiment with Mrs. Gange to see what happens to skittles when hot water is poured on them. 

Social Studies- We will be reading Scholastic Magazine about Valentines Day and discussing the tradition and history of Valentine's Day.  

Please view your child's Green Folder for other information about our classroom.  

                                                                               Weekly Specials:

Monday: Music and Coding

Tuesday: Chorus and Art

Wednesday: Technology and Gym (please wear gym uniform)

Thursday: Library  and Spanish

Friday: Book Buddies