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Welcome to the Science Room

The Science Fair was a success! We had  projects from each grade level, with some very interesting topics. Some projects tested memory, cleaned coins, looked at caring for our environment, make fruit circuits and even looked at how playgrounds can be simple machines! Thank you to all who participated!

Grade 8 continues to study chemistry and the atoms. They are getting ready to make a Power Point presentation on their chosen element. We will also be looking at chemical bonding in our next chapter.

Grade 7 continues their study of life science. We have been looking at forms of reproduction in all types of organisms.

Grade 6 has moved on to studies in Space. Recently we have been looking at various types of probes that have been sent to space, and what they do. Today we even had a chance to "listen to the Sun" with vibrations interpreted from the SOHO  Sun Observatory.

The Salmon arrived right when we returned from Christmas break, with 200 eggs in our tank. We have lost a few to a fungus that is causing some eggs to die, so hopefully we can get that under control, since we find new problems every day.