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Grade 4 Remote Learning Plan for the Week of 5/25/2020

There will be no school meetings on Memorial Day.

Math ?

i-Ready (50+ minutes total) ?

Complete the Reteaching and Practice worksheets for 13-9 ?

We will work on decimals and money together ?

Zoom lessons each day

Religion ?

Zoom lesson on Tuesday ?

There are links in the Portal Class Notebook for Memorial Day

Reading ?

Scholastic News is our Reading text this week ?

The weekly email will contain information about the “Underground Railroad” article for you to review with your child ?

Look in Seesaw for the link for the correct issue, “Were You Fooled?” ?

Zoom lesson on Tuesday

English ?

We will use the Scholastic News magazine ?

Write about the science lesson after we brainstorm together ?

Zoom lesson on Wednesday

Science ?

Zoom lesson on Wednesday ?

Then work through pages 463-472 in Unit 9, Lesson 5, “Conductors” ?

Look in Think Central and do the online quiz for Unit 9, Lesson 5

Social Studies ?

We will use map activities in Seesaw ?

Continue to work on your state PowerPoint presentation ?

Please send me a photo of yourself wearing your state shirt (or two if you want to show the back) ?

There are fun facts for each state in the Class Notebook ?

Zoom lesson on Thursday

Vocabulary/Spelling ?

Unit 17 of the orange Vocabulary book is due May 29 ?

Spread out the work and check your responses ?

Write in cursive ?

Spelling test due Friday, May 29  


£ Remember to do all your written work in cursive

End of the Week

£ On the last day of each week we can discuss any successes or problems you have on your mind

We will hear more of our friend Henry Huggins’s adventures this week

Other Notes

· If you would like to have access to IXL please ask me for the login.

· Seesaw is our platform for submitting work.

· To post your workbook pages you can use the green + button or continue to send in photos.

· Early finishers will have choices including KWT, Coding, Xtra Math, and the ideas added to the Class Notebook such as the Peabody Museum, etc.

· Do not forget P.E., Art, Spanish, and Music!

· PLEASE open the Educonnect gradebook and check that all of your child’s work has been recorded.

Welcome to Grade Four!

Remote Learning

Week of May 18-22



To use, the students will login with their usernames, which are made from: 

                                             The password is each student's regular Computer Lab password. 

          Each student uses some variation of SGS######. The SGS has one capital letter, followed by the 6-digit i.d. 

      I can send you portal, XtraMath, Think Central, and i-ready logins and passwords by email if your child needs them. use my email address and your PIN from the summer packet.

i-Ready math website:

user i.d. = first and last initials with student's 6-digit i.d.

password = pass636


Spelling words

Unit Seventeen

approximate, construct, crude, decline, distinct, evident,

impulse, interpret, orient, sector, submit, zest 


Unit Eighteen 

abide, contrast, depress, dismal, dispose, exaggerate,

indifferent, jubilant, manual, originate, recognition, tribute