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Welcome to Grade Four!

November 15, 2019

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for the Thanksgiving craft.

There is a photo link to the left. Use the cursor to see the whole group. 


Math: Continue to practice your multiplication facts, zero through twelve.

                                 The test for multiplication will be on November 25.



Reading: Workbook pages for the week of November 18

                   Monday 155, 157, 163                         Tuesday: 153, 159

                   Wednesday: 154, 160-161     Thursday: 156, 162        Friday: weekly test

Social Studies:  



Spelling: Finish Unit 6 for Dec. 6. Test on December 6. 


Fridays are Cadet Band days! use my email address and your PIN.

i-Ready math website:

                                    user i.d. = first and last initials with student's 6-digit i.d.

                                    password = pass636 


Spelling words

The Vocabulary unit five Spelling test is scheduled for December 6.

Unit Six 

blossom, collide, constant, content, distract, drought,

foul, noble, policy, quiver, slight, tidy 


Book Club orders

To order online, use our classroom code RFT3V for Scholastic Book Club orders.


 Monday: Music, Computer Lab

Tuesday: Chorus, Art

Wednesday: Library, Gym

Thursday: Coding, Spanish

Friday: Band


Dear Parents,

I would like to hear from you right away if you ever have questions or concerns.

Please use the address or notes written in the homework agenda book, as well as through the Communication folder.

Thank you,