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Welcome to Grade Four!

March 18, 2020

To use, the students will login with their usernames, which are made from: 

                                             The password is each student's regular Computer Lab password. 

          Each student uses some variation of SGS######. The SGS has one capital letter, followed by the 6-digit i.d. 

               I can send you portal, XtraMath, and i-ready logins and passwords by email if your child needs them. use my email address and your PIN from the summer packet.

i-Ready math website:

user i.d. = first and last initials with student's 6-digit i.d.

password = pass636


Spelling words

Unit Thirteen

abstract, ally, appoint, attentive, bonus, carefree,

courtesy, manufacture, mistrust, noticeable, overthrow, peculiar